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South Texas Fracture Prevention Clinic

Helping you achieve & maintain bone health.

Our bone clinic was started in 2015 by Dr. James W. Simmons, III with South Texas Spinal Clinic. After years of doing spinal surgery he developed a growing concern about the quality of bone in his patients. He is known to tell his patients, "You don't want to put new screws in old wood." .

Dr James Simmons

Our Services

Our clinic works with each patient to develop a personalized plan to help improve both bone quantity and quality of bone.

Bone Density Scans

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) Scans with same day results

Whole Body Scan

An in-depth scan of showing the composition of muscle, fat, and bone


On site x-ray services available

Bone health exam

A comprehensive exam that evaluates your bone quality and quantity

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurances including Healthcare Sharing Programs.

Only patiens with HMO plans require a referral.

Please allow to 45 minutes to one hour for the initial examination.

Please wear something comfortable such as sweat pants, yoga pants, or any pants without metal in them.

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Our highly trained staff are here to meet your needs.