Techs looking at images for signs of osteoporosis

Fracture Education at South Texas Fracture Prevention Clinic

A fracture is a broken bone. Not all fractures are the same. Fractures before you are an adult are not as concerning. Also fractures of the fingers, ribs, face, or toes do not count as osteoporotic fractures. There are stress fractures as well that are the result of overuse and occur in healthy bones. There are traumatic fractures that occur because of trauma, like falls from a distance or motor vehicle accidents. A fragility fracture is the result of osteoporosis. It is defined as a fracture from a fall from a standing height or less. Some fragility fractures occur from twisting or lifting heavy objects. We even see patients that fracture from coughing. Once you have any kind of fracture, especially a fragility fracture, you are at a greater risk for more fractures in your lifetime.

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